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Strength & Endurance

EMS elicits much more powerful contractions than are possible from voluntary training, up to 30% higher

Reduce Body Fat

In the first phase of the training you will lose centimetres, in the second phase fat deposits are attacked and by week 12 you will lose around 10% of your body fat and an average reduction of 6-7cm in the waist.

Reduce Cellulite

Anti-cellulite treatment needs activity and activation, instead of only treating the surface, an EMS body work out provides a deeper solution.

Body Toning

This revolutionary way of working out makes it possible to achieve your ideal, healthy and toned body without having to spend excessive amounts of time at the gym.

It has finally arrived in the UK! With over 250,000 users in Europe, The Body Shape Studios are bringing the first EMS studio of its kind to London in 2016.

The EMS device that is Miha Bodytec  is the most effective body shaping, weight loss and muscle strengthening technology that is currently available on the market. Here at The Body Shape Studios we are offering the opportunity for you to experience and benefit from this revolution in Electro Muscle Stimulation. If a total body 20 minute work-out that is the equivalent to 1.5 hours of conventional training is an attractive concept to you then Miha Bodytec  should be your new way of training. It is one of the fastest growing fitness devices globally used by fitness studios, weight loss and obesity centres, wellness and beauty establishments and sports and rehabilitations centres.


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