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Does EMS training make sense for couch potatoes?

EMS training makes a lot of sense for couch potatoes. It encourages exactly this group of people to exercise again, allowing them to lose weight, tone and build muscle in just 20 minutes per week!!

After even the first EMS session you will not only feel revitalised, but you will also feel all the benefits that come with physical activity. Each 20 minute session activates over 90% of the muscle fibers at the same time during each contraction! The training produces an effect more rapidly and effectively than conventional training and can be up to 18 times better than a conventional work out!

So if strenuous exercise is not your cup of tea but you want to get off the couch and do something about your body hang-ups then come down to The Body Shape Studios in Surbiton to experience your first EMS personal training session – we promise you will never look back!

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