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How to reduce cellulite in just 20 minutes!

Are you a busy mummy with no time to exercise and banish that dreaded cellulite? Here at The Body Shape Studios in Surbiton we have the solution you have been waiting for. With 20 minute work outs just twice a week in an exclusive studio you can tone up and say goodbye to cellulite, and still have time for the school runs, grocery shopping and keeping the household running smoothly. So how is this possible? Our trainers use the ground breaking electro muscular stimulation (EMS) device and guide you through a 20 minute work out that stimulates every muscle group simultaneously. EMS training can seriously help with cellulite reduction, reducing the spongy, orange peel effect of cellulite by deeply stimulating your muscles, increasing muscle mass; tightening connective tissue; improving circulation and skin tone – positively influencing your metabolism and burning fat. With EMS training, the electronic stimulation enables large muscle groups to be trained simultaneously, with a high level of intensity. The result being fat stores from the hips, waste and buttocks being effectively reduced, making EMS a brilliant ‘cellulite exercise’. Cellulite reduction is also enhanced by the compression effects caused by wearing the required EMS garments, during your exercise program. This supports blood circulation, as well as ridding your body of metabolic waste.

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