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The Body Shape Studios Ltd

1.              Cancellation & Refund Policy
1.1           If you wish to cancel a Session booked in advance, you must give The Body Shape Studios at least one working day’s notice of the cancellation. Notice given on a Sunday or a bank holiday will be treated as having been given at 9.00 a.m. on the next day which is not a Sunday or bank holiday.  If you do not give at least one day’s notice to cancel a Session, then you shall be liable to pay the fee due for that Session.
1.2           If you no longer live within 20 miles of The Body Shape Studios and can provide documentation to prove this we will cancel your Package/Membership providing that 1 months notice has been given.
1.3           If you have signed into a Package/Membership and wish to cancel due to ill health, then this will be honored with a doctor’s note stating that this form of exercise will be damaging to health and training should be ceased.
1.4           Should any other form of refund of cancellation be required then this is at the discretion of The Body Shape Studios Management Team.

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