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Read Gary's story about 'Re-booting my life with EMS.

Gary Coulton EMS article May 2018

I've been having EMS sessions at the Surbiton studio for over a year now and it is really effective. My body is a lot more toned that it used to be and has even helped with a knee injury! Karen is lovely and not only is she experienced and makes sure you are doing the movements correctly, but she totally engages with you and we often have a good laugh too! Don't be fooled into thinking that a 20 minute EMS session once a week you will not make a difference because you can certianly feel you have worked your muscles! Definately worth the investment.

Paolo M.

“I’ve just been going to my friends new EMS Studio in London. It’s specialised training, where you wear an electronic jacket, which uses electrical impulses to stimulate your muscles – it really does work! It’s amazing!” Tom Holland


Had my first session the The Body Shape Studios today and was utterly blown away by the experience! Tom M

If you’re on the fence as I was, then don’t take my word for it, just try one session, and I guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Christine S

I really enjoyed the experience and definitely had improvement in upper body tone and strength. The facilities are of high quality and all the staff are very professional.I’m happy to recommend EMS and have been doing so. Sophie Capito

What amazing place . It helped me lose weight and helped me toned up as well . Very friendly staff that will help you all the way . What amazing place to train . Daniel Martin

Excellent Staff and first session, much more than expected , highly recommended, looking forward to session number two ! Darren Bush

First session today. It is awesome. Looking forward to having more sessions. Philomela Adda-Hall

Made to feel relaxed  comfortable and not out of place. Very good advice for personal needs to help me out with my health and what I would like to achieve with weight loss and muscle gain. Very intense workout for my level just right, and am looking forward to processing. Thank you very much for your time looking forward to my next session. Iain-Paul Hutton

Refined, controllable, focused – a remarkable work out ideal for those lacking time. Because of the focused use of technology, the results are the equivalent of a much. Howard Frish


Thank you to The Body Shape Studios, can’t wait for my next visit! Jake Sell


The results were far better than I ever imagined. I didn’t think my body could change shape in this way and I didn’t realise how much more strength I could have gained from completing a 20 minute weekly training session. Matt

This is Genius! Four weeks. Four sessions. The Body Shape is really and truly changing my body shape very quickly and comfortably. All I have to do is turn up for 20 minutes and the rest looks after itself, literally! Gemma C

The result is the best workout I’ve ever experienced from any type of resistance training. Adam Maude

Excellent Service! Very presentable environment. Purgent Patel

The session is done before you know it, and your first thought is “Phew, i’m glad that’s over..” followed closely by, “Oh, that was awesome, can I go again?…” BigGee

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