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Why Olympic Athletes, Professional Sports Stars, Hollywood Actors and Beauty Queens are using Miha Bodytec EMS technology to get in shape

It is no surprise the likes of Usain Bolt and Tom Holland (the new Spider Man) are turning to Miha Bodytec EMS training when it provides such incredible body sculpting and performance enhancing results in just 20 minutes per week.

Both professional and amateur sportsmen look for training, which can improve strength, speed and agility and build the muscles they need to perform to their best ability. However, they don’t want to spend all their time in the gym, so they look for the most effective training to bring them to the top of their game.

Here at The Body Shape Studios in Surbiton we use Miha Bodytec EMS technology which can be effectively combined with traditional training methods to improve power, strength, endurance and speed without stressing joints and tendons. Our highly skilled personal trainers will develop a tailor made programme targeted to the particular needs of your sport and your goals, to achieve the result you want in less time than you thought possible. One 20 minute workout at The Body Shape Studios is the equivalent to 1.5-2 hours conventional training.

For Actor’s such as Tom Holland who play a role where physical image is of paramount importance EMS technology can build, tone and shape muscles you never thought you had – giving that sculpted look fit for a Hollywood Actor embarking on his journey as Spider Man.

And it doesn’t stop there… Miss Universe contestants, professional footballers and professional tennis players are all starting to turn to Miha Bodytec EMS technology to keep on top of their game and look their best!


David Haye – Professional Boxer


Usain Bolt – Olympic Athlete


Carice Van Houten – Game of Thrones


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