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Why Personal Trainers are now using the evolutionary EMS (electro muscular stimulation) technology for the fastest and most effective work outs!

The Body Shape Studios in Surbiton combines personal trainers with EMS technology to achieve the most effective work out. Personal trainers are finding that this revolutionary technology is giving their clients the best results in body toning, weight loss, cellulite reduction and muscle building in comparison to conventional work outs. A 20 minute EMS session with a personal trainer at The Body Shape Studios is the equivalent to a 2 hour conventional gym work out.


Our approach here at The Body Shape Studios in Surbiton is two-fold: On the one hand, we will use EMS to improve your body’s muscle structure, which will allow you to experience weight loss, body toning, endurance, metabolic acceleration and improved health for your back and joints. On the other hand, our personal trainers provide you with professional nutrition and dietary advice. We believe that this approach, synthesizing custom training programs and personalised health advice for each client, will enable us to make your EMS personal training experience as effective as possible.

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